Single Sessions in Fascia Flow® Yoga (online or at the studio)

Pamper yourself with an exclusive Fascia Flow® Yoga class tailored to your needs. Choose from a variety of topics and learn valuable exercises for different parts of the body. In this class format, you can ask questions and give feedback. That way, you may easily become your own body coach.  

50 minutes of Fascia Flow® Yoga are enough to significantly reduce pain in the musculoskeletal system and achieve a state of lightness and calm. Experience has shown that even challenging tasks in life cost less effort after class. Classes are feasible for any physical constitution.
The single sessions may be taken online or at the studio. Just make sure you are familiar with our Covid-19 protocol when you visit us at the studio. You may find it here.


Topics (max. 2 per appointment):

  1. Head, neck, jaw
  2. Shoulders, arms, wrists, hands
  3. Upper back, chest, ribcage
  4. Lumbar spine, sacrum
  5. Hips, legs, knees, feet
  6. Pelvic floor
  7. Premenstrual syndrome
  8. Stress regulation
  9. Body balance
  10. Other

Simple exercises, tailored to your personal needs, offer you wellbeing, flexibility and a better control of your body from the first class on. In the long term, a regular practice can help you slow down the process of ageing.

Enjoy a higher quality of life and the individual support in your personal progress.

During the booking, you may choose the language of instruction. Possible languages are: English, Spanish, German and Greek. You can also choose between a session online or at the studio.