Multicards for group classes

We offer 5 and 10 classes cards as well as a monthly pass for participation in our online group classes. Group classes take place eight times a week, always two classes in each language ​​(English, Spanish, Greek, German). The validity of the 5 and 10 classes cards is 6 months from the date of purchase. A monthly pass entitles you to participate in one class per week (total of 4 classes). It is valid during one month from the date of purchase and can be acquired at any time.

5 Classes Card
45.00 €
x 5 appointments

Save 5 €

You would like to practice Fascia Flow® Yoga regularly in our online groups, but are unsure if you'll find the time for a class each and every week? This offer may be a good option for you. With this card you can also book our monthly Get together. The 5 classes card is valid for 6 months - enough time to use it up.

10 Classes Card
85.00 €
x 10 appointments

Save 15 €

You would like to practice Fascia Flow® Yoga in our online group, but stick to the freedom of dropping in once, twice or not at all in a week, as well as reserve your spot in our monthly Get together? Then this card may be just right for you. It is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Monthly Pass
32.00 €
x 4 appointments

Save 8 €

You would like to commit yourself to one Fascia Flow® Yoga class per week? Then this monthly pass is what you are looking for! It can be purchased at any time and is valid for 1 month from the date of purchase. And if you eventually miss your class in a week, you may also use it to book our Get together