Fascia Flow® Yoga - On the Job

Running our businesses successfully takes countless hours of work on the computer. As a rule, we sit for a long time in positions that are unfavourable to the musculoskeletal system. Whether Hunched-over-laptop Syndrome, head and back pain, Carpal tunnel Syndrome, concentration problems, and as a consequence performance drops... Experience shows that, sooner or later, everyone complains about health issues. If left untreated, a major problem may arise over time. But the solution can be simple.
Fascia Flow® Yoga - On the Job - is tailored to the needs of the modern person working at the computer. It is about balancing and redistributing tensions, and gaining more space in the body within a minimum amount of time. The experience during and after a practice session is characterized by well-being, clarity of mind and a high level of concentration and energy.

Treat yourself with moments of regeneration ...


In this format of Fascia Flow® Yoga all exercises can be performed from your desk. All you need is a fixed chair or fixable swivel chair. One practice session lasts 50 minutes.


During booking you may choose your preferred instruction language. Possible languages are: English, German, Spanish and Greek.

Wellness format for your best employees and teams

The Fascia Flow® Yoga - On the Job format is a nice idea for companies that want to offer their best employees or whole teams a regenerative moment during breaks. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us via e-mail.
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