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Fascia Flow® Yoga -Basic.

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Fascia Flow® Yoga – Basic. This is 15 of the most important exercises for your maximum well-being. The exercises last a maximum of 10 minutes each. You can practice them separately or combine them freely according to your current mood and needs. Next to each video you will find a text that explains the effect of the exercise as well as one or the other tip for execution. Have fun with it!

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The Fascia Flow® Yoga - Sun Salutes

Fascia Flow® Yoga - Sun Salutes stimulate the flow of energy in the body, anchor us, help us slow down and add lightness and ease to our movements. Overview of the benefits of Fascia Flow® Yoga Sun Salutes:
  • Effective against upper and lower back tensions
  • Protection of the wrists
  • Safe for the lower back
  • Strengthening of the entire back
  • Liberation of shoulder blades
  • Chest Opener
  • Improved breathing
  • Gentle stretch of Hamstrings
  • Flexibility and strengthening of the inner pelvic muscles
  • Vitalize the whole body
  • Manifest a healthy body tension
  • Harmonize body and mind
  • Calm down the nervous system
We recommend you to prepare your body for the Sun Salutes by selected exercises of Fascia Flow® Yoga - Basic.

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Fascia Flow® Yoga @ the kitchen

7 exercises until coffee is ready – for a great start into the day
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