Fascia Flow® Yoga - Group Classes

Open classes take place at our studio and online.
Enjoy your Fascia Flow® Yoga class in our studio or from home, together with other participants from all over the world. Here you will learn an effective way to balance the nervous system and activate the body from a state of relaxation. The unique method of Fascia Flow® Yoga leads to increased vitality, lightness and wellbeing. Over time, motion patterns and automatisms are transformed into more naturally flowing movements. 
60 minutes of Fascia Flow Yoga are enough to significantly reduce pain in the musculoskeletal system and achieve a state of lightness and wellbeing. Participants report that even challenging tasks in life cost less effort after a lesson. The classes are feasible for any physical constitution.
In the long run, a regular practice helps to slow down the ageing process. 

Enjoy lightness and ease by reconnecting to your body intelligence. Feel the difference with Fascia Flow® Yoga.

Timetable Open classes

The group lessons are bilingual and are currently offered in Spanish and English. It is possible to participate from the comfort of your home via Zoom.

*Please note that all times refer to Central European Time (CET).

** You would like to participate and still have questions? Feel free to contact us by phone or via WhatsApp +34 638 167 845.
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