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Your body transforms free of pain. Your range of movement increases and so does your freedom.


Even chronic pain may disappear making way for lightness and wellbeing.


When muscle and fascia tenseness are released, you feel a major vitality boost and zest for life.


Your movements become more beautiful as you start enjoying them. The people around you will be amazed.

Maria Kafritsas ~ Founder of Fascia Flow® Yoga

Fascia Flow® Yoga ...at your home

From now on Fascia Flow® Yoga will be available in four languages to reach even more people, regardless of time and location. Focus on your practice, choose your time and space and become your own bodycoach.

I was trained to teach Hatha, Vinyasa and Myofascial Yoga. Later on, I added Prenatal Yoga and Yoga for children. When I started teaching after completing my training (International Yoga Alliance), most of my clients were coming upon recommendation by their physiotherapists and had so far shied away from visiting a studio. They were businessmen, housewives and working women from 35 upwards who were suffering from stress and pain. In our one-on-one sessions I experienced that they often had difficulties with even simple yoga positions, and that they were dissatisfied with their body's condition. With each session, my wish grew stronger to help them feel lightness and freedom that from the body radiates so easily into our life. Each of the kinds of Yoga I had been trained to teach worked up to a certain degree… but I was convinced there had to be a better, a more effective way. Various further trainings at renowned physiotherapy and osteopathy schools in Vienna, Munich and Berlin and with Dr. Robert Schleip, one of the world's leading fascia experts, gave me access to a pool of extremely valuable information. To stay informed about the latest findings from current research, I joined the Fascia Research Society. In the yoga scene, people had started talking about fascia, and I felt it was key for my work, too, but differently than I had been taught. My practice studio became a lab. For my clients, I began to develop exercises that met them on their own ground and corresponded with the latest scientific findings. I succeeded in my attempt of creating an environment in the body in which deep relaxation, conscious movement and well-being fused together naturally. From then on, no one asked me about traditional yoga again. Everyone just wanted to do "this other yoga" - Fascia Flow® Yoga had been born. Since then it has been further developed, polished and refined. So that a holistic practice has grown out of it, enabling us to easily access an improved movement quality and activate the immense body and heart intelligence that we are.

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Exercises that will improve your quality of life

Short sequence for your neck and shoulders

The current global attack on human health (Covid19) has moved our personal responsibility for our well-being to centre stage. No one can take care of us better than ourselves. This short practice session is our gift to you and a taste of what is waiting for you. Learn how these unique and simple exercises can improve your well-being significantly. According to the results of fascia research, practicing twice a week is enough to even reverse many effects of the aging process. Welcome to Fascia Flow® Yoga!


Fascia Flow® Yoga is an international registrated trademark No. 1595479.

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